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Auto Body Repair Kit

Auto Body Repair Kit


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1 x Standard bumping hammer

Flat face

Round face: ø40.5mm

Square face: 38mm

1 x Light and shrinking hammer

Flat face + milled square face

Round face: ø40.5mm

Square face: 38mm

1 x Pick and finishing hammer

Crowned face, with round point head to remove low spots when metal finishing.

Round Face: ø40mm

1 x Toe dolly

The large flat face is frequently used in shrinking and dinging flat panels.

Length: 120mm

Width: 58mm

Depth: 29mm

1 x Utility dolly

Provides convenient hand holding during heaviest blows and seal different crowned working face.

Length: 61mm

Width: 70mm

Depth: 69mm

1 x Curved dolly

Length: 132mm

Width: 70mm

Depth: 69mm

1 x Heeled dolly

Designed to reach easily into sharp corners and wide radii.

Length: 79mm

Width: 60mm

Depth: 30mm

Additional information

Weight 6.10 kg
Dimensions 36.8 × 28 × 4.5 cm


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